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The museums are now open for the season.
Come and visit us anytime through
"some cold day in October".

 Welcome To The Little Snake River Museum

The Little Snake River Museum is home to numerous historical buildings and exhibits depicting the history of this secluded ranching valley. The museum is designed to tell the rich history of the Little Snake River Valley from the early 1800s when only Native Americans and mountain men took up residence here to the twentieth century as pioneers, miners, cattlemen, sheepmen, outlaws, and other settlers joined their ranks. Visitors to the museum get a glimpse of how all of these people lived as they walk through their refurnished homes. The LSR Museum strives to keep the history of the community alive through the vast collection of homes, belongings, and memories. With two locations; the Little Snake River Main museum in Savery, Wyoming and the Outlaw Stop in Baggs, Wyoming visitors should plan to spend the whole day exploring the area, the collections, and the history of this western valley.

The Main Little Snake River Museum Building in Savery was originally the Savery School. The school encompassed all grades until 1958 when the high school was closed. Elementary students attended the school until 1972, when the Little Snake River Valley Schools consolidated, which resulted in all students attending school in Baggs. The Carbon County School District #1 donated the building to the community for different events and the creation of the museum. The school is the primary home to exhibits  as five of the retired classrooms now educate visitors on Valley history through displays covering the medical, military, art, and fashion history of the valley along with achievements, sometimes infamous, of Snake River residents.  A gift shop with over 270 book titles and the museum office can also be found in the building.

Over the years numerous  historic structures  have joined the array of exhibit buildings at the LSR Museum. These structures, including a schoolhouse, homes, and cabins, are all open to the public. The Museum also is home to the Dixon Street Building that highlights the mainstreet of Dixon, Wyoming and the Battle Creek 'Battle for Life Store'. There are also two interactive dwellings on site, the Homesteader House and the Mountain Man Tent. Many of the buildings are handicapped accessible and all are located on our lush landscaped grounds. The museum also has a picnic area, public event room, public restrooms and plenty of easy parking.

The Outlaw Stop in Baggs has the original Town Hall/Fire Station and two-cell Jail (all in one small building) along with the Mathew/Gaddis cabin; former residence, road house and outlaw hangout. The Snake River Valley was a popular stop for outlaws as its remoteness and proximity to three different state lines allowed for easy getaways when law enforcement came calling. The museum has numerous original photographs and letters that give first person histories of the area and includes a covered picnic area, gift shop and easy parking.

Nearly everything in both locations has been donated or is on loan by generous local residents. Please stop by the LSR Museum and enjoy the historical buildings,  exhibits and authentic items we have on display:

Old Vehicles

Farm Equipment


Sheep Wagons

Fire Trucks

Musical Instruments

Blacksmith Shop Tools

Household Items


Military Uniforms

Dr. Noyes's Medical Supplies


Handmade Quilts

Mercantile Items


Mining Tools

The LSR Museum has taken many years, many hands, and many minds to make it what it is today. We appreciate everyone who has worked, volunteered, and donated to the museum. Thank you!

"Preserving our History for the Valley's Future."
Little Snake River Museum
Savery, Wyoming
Open Daily from 11am to 5pm (Seasonal)