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The museums are now open for the season.
Come and visit us anytime through
"some cold day in October."
 Past Events
      7-Easter Egg Hunt- sponsored by
             Ages: Baby-11
Crafts and Easter Bunny
             11:00 Easter Egg hunt
      8- Private Party


      5- Private Party
      6- Memoirs Readings
      9- Jr Sr Banquet
    19- Private Party
    20- Private Graduation Party
    24- Pioneer Days 9:00
    27- Memorial Day Opening party
             BBQ 12:00
             Entertainment 1:30
    28- Museum & Outlaw Stop Open for season

June Mountain Man Month
     4- Walk for Life Lunch 12:00
           Also EMT Training 1:00
   12-13   Camp Peak Jr: Finished with K,1st,2nd
   19-20   Camp Peak Sr: Finished with
            3rd,4th,5th grades
    20    Kit Carson in Wyoming 7:00 PM Public 4:00 for kids

John Farr tells the story of Kit Carson becoming a mountain man and fur trapper in the west.
About the presenter: John Farr is the president of the Grand Encampment Museum and former president of the Kit Carson Museum in Taos NM. Sponsored in part by the Wyoming Humanities Council.

July Cowboy Cowgirl Month
    7-8 90's Class Reunion
   21- Music Fest- Schedule
   28-29 'Ride The Divide' Antique Tractor Drive
   28 Outdoor movie: "Rango"

August Pioneer Month
       1  4-H fashion Show 6:00
       2  7:00 Native American Presence in the area
                Archaeology lecture with
                Cody Newton Ph. D. student from CU
       4  Noland Reunion
       4  Outdoor Movie: "Rango"
       6  Planning and Zoning meeting 10:00 at the
                Higher Ed in Baggs
                Planning and Zoning lunch
                at the museum
     11 Outdoor Movie: "City Slickers"
                with Billy Crystal
                Bring a picnic the BBQ's will be hot
     18 Outdoor Movie: "The Cowboys"
                With John Wayne
                Bring a picnic the BBQ's will be hot
  9-12 Antique and contemporary Quilt Display
       19  Ray Weber Birthday Party
       24  Jelly and Jam Class with Judy Armbruster
             1:00-5:00 please register
       25 Outdoor movie: "Night at the Museum"
                with Ben Stiller
                Bring a picnic the BBQ's will be hot

September Back to School Month
       2 Hay's family reunion and service
      9- Community BBQ and local authors
              book signing
              Music by Sundog from
              Steamboat Springs.
    18- Power of Place- Old Schools
    30- Fall Trek- Browns Park With Linda Fleming
           "Riding the Edge of an Era" With Guest
            Speaker Diana Allen Kouris
            Meet at 8:00AM at the Cowboy Inn
        12 & 13- Wild Horse Weekend
                With Richard Gillilan Specialist
                on 'Desert Dust'. 6:30 Friday night
                    at the museum
                8:30 Saturday- Trek to wild horse trap
                     meet at the Cowboy Inn in Baggs
        27th- Harry Russell Birthday party 6:00
                           101 WOW!!!!
                Potluck- There will be roast beef
        30th 4:30 Life and Times on the River.
                'Let there be light- and telephones
                and television and running water!'
                Join in an open discussion on getting
                     utilities in the valley.
                What are your recollections?
                Enjoy a bowl of chili and a salad and
                     share your stories at the museum.
        8th- 10:00-4:00 Craft Day and Holiday Sale
               Come to the museum and make crafts,
               see friends, and SHOP.

Little Snake River Museum
"Preserving our History for the Valley's Future"
Savery, Wyoming
Open daily from 11am to 5pm (seasonal)


60's Reunion Photos
Rodeo Photos
4th of July Photos