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The museum in Savery is open through the end of October weather permitting
Hours are:
Monday - Saturday
11:00 -5:00
Sunday 11:00-4:00
 The Outlaw Stop
for the season
 Brown House

The Brown House was built in the beginning of the 20th Century by legendary Baggs resident, and sometimes violinist for Butch Cassidy, Tom Vernon. One of the first residents of the home was popular seamstress Thora Morgan who worked for Vernon. Later the house became filled with music as Edgar Requa and his family moved into the home. Requa became well known for the music lessons and the violins he built out of fruit crates and cigar boxes for Snake River children. In the early 1950’s the Brown House became the Baggs headquarters for the Cow Creek Sheep Company after owner John Kelly Hartt died. Leo and Maxine Morgan Craner bought the house to be used as a guest home, and years later Jim and Mildred Craner Marshall donated the historical building to the Little Snake River Museum.



Tom Vernon of Baggs Wyoming standing next to the Little Brown House.

Wes Vernon and Diane Powell, in front of the Brown House. Tom Vernon was Wes and Diane's great-great-uncle.

"Preserving our History for the Valley's Future."
Little Snake River Museum
Savery, Wyoming
Open Daily from 11am to 5pm (Seasonal)